A Man Of The World

I find it so important as an artist to constantly be going through self-assessment in order to continue growing in your talent and on your brand. To push your yourself further and expand your horizons.  Since the beginning of 2018, I had been planning a work trip to the USA in efforts to take my brand abroad and explore where my career had the potential to go with all the new developments

I took off to the BIG APPLE with Emirates Airlines where I stayed in culture-rich Brooklyn for the first leg of my trip, and then it all began.

One of the biggest highlights of my journey was my set visit of American political drama television series, Madam Secretary, starring Téa Leoni whom I had thee utmost pleasure to meet, a force of  Woman. I was graciously hosted by Actor and Director Eric Stoltz, as well as producer & partner to Morgan Freeman, Lori McCreary. 

The entire on set experience easily became one of the best days of my life. The warm welcome of the cast and crew brought on tremendous encouragement. Eric Stoltz was a true champion & made sure to make it a welcoming environment for me. 

My next stop was Atlanta, where I went to link up & connect with my elder and mentor  Mr. Louis Gossett Jr again, since having met him a few months prior on set of the new Hunters ad in South Africa. He always oozes so much knowledge and discernment. I also touched base with my brother Samad Davis who is an international film and Television Producer/Director & all round serial entrepreneur. I went to the ATL premiere of the movie BRIAN BANKS starring Aldis Hodge, a great story of a great man, well performed by Aldis.

Upon my return back to New York City, I had the pleasure of going to see The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Witnessing the rise of Trevor is always such an inspiration & should be an inspiration to all South Africans that our dreams are truly limitless. Having a catch up conversation with Trevor was even better. The African ingredient in him is shining brighter than before. From Africa to the World, and he has done it. 

Another highlight from my trip was my stills shoot which took place in the streets of New York, styled by BOSS Sandton. This was certainly one one for the books. It was a definite game changer for me as it encompassed my growth as a man, my personal style & the endless opportunities one can create if they simply believe in their worth as a talent. A big shout out goes to my Volvo USA family which sponsored me my favourite car from their fleet, being the XC90 in order for us to get around the Big  Apple. 

A huge thank you must go to my photographer Luke Bennet ( @lukeswork ) who is a super talented South African Photographer & Cinematographer, who now lives out in New York & is doing a great job of capturing the moments for travellers & locals inn New York

What would an amazing trip surrounded by so much excellence be without a Nero Moment ? I partnered up with African Chop House & proceeded to do the very first Nero tasting on American soil. As always, this Nero Moment was to celebrate individuals who are relentless in their dream chasing and pushing boundaries. Visit https://dustandmop.com. Nero received such a warm welcome, which is always such a pleasure to witness. The dark resilient grape continues to Rise.

A big thank you to my brother Mosito Ramaili for always being a plug, in more ways than one. And of course, a big thank you to Stanley Lumax, who together with Mosito are the founders of African Chop House, for constantly being a positive light where African agendas are involved.

This was all round a fantastic journey with so much opportunity created and new and exciting relationships formed. I cannot wait to share further where the road leads me, when the time is right. For now we continue to Keep It Moving.

Oh how could I forget, I got to see the and link with my Sister Ebony Obsidian for the first time in person. 

We checked out the National Centre for Human Rights In Atlanta Buckhead. 

I was pleasantly welcome by the writing of our very own Tata Nelson. Writing on humanity & freedom. I knew I was at the right place. And having been away from home almost 2 weeks I needed a reminder. 

Ebony & I shared an exchange on Life, Dreams & The Pursuit Of Fulfilment In the Arts. 

Ebony was in ATL filming her new series, & she whispered in my ear about WU TANG the series that she had shot which was about to come out. 

I’m very happy that the cat’s out the bag. Please check out the @wutangonhulu on IG to see snippets of this amazing series. The journey of an Artist continues & I am very inspired by my Sister. Power to you Ebony. Keep Shining!


Noni Zondi

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