I am Thapelo Mokoena

I am an African Man. A Sotho man, blessed enough to be born of a Sotho Father & a Zulu Princess. My journey is one of resilience. I was born and bred in Ladysmith, brought to this earth by my Grandmother Fikile Carol Msimango  & Gogo Flans Khumalo whilst on my way to hospital. Nature’s very own, born under the rich mkhamba tree of the  rural KZN on my way to a conventional hospital. I believe that day set the tone for everything in my life. From this day on we had take-off.


Nature’s Very Own

1982 October 21 was the day I landed to take-off. I was named Thapelo which means prayer, MY second name ARCHIBALD was given to me by my mother who describe me as “truly bold”. My last name is SFUFANE (correct spelling SEFOFANE) which was my great uncle’s name. The man who raised my Father. In my culture he is UMKHULU (a GRANDFATHER) & I would be SFUFANE the 2nd. Named after a great man. A man of principles. A real measure of a MAN.Thank You Mkhulu Sefofane! I am eternally grateful!

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