Father & Son Danone TVC

“As a man, one of the most important and challenging roles I play in my everyday life, is being a father to my two young boys. It’s such a huge task that is demanded of me in every moment of every  day.” Says an enthusiastic Thapelo.

Being a parent is often misunderstood & some think  there’s an inner switch that flicks on & off when you’re around your child and away from them. Who you are, wholly as a person is so easily transferred onto your children, so often involuntarily. Without us realizing this, our children, because they see us as their heroes,  often mirror who and what we are; what we do & how we do things. It is why I find it incredibly important to always try and be the greatest version of yourself, whether in full view of your little ones or outside their prereferral.

“Partnering up with Danone & being able to essentially portray a typical day in my life with my awesome 4 year old at home, was such fun. I love spending time to hang out with my son as often as I can & we’ve naturally grown attached to each other. It’s amazing to see him sometimes mimic my physical characteristics & often, what I say! Chris, who plays my on-screen son in this ad, is naturally such a reserved personality. This wasn’t my first time working with him & every time I’m absolutely amazed at how animated he suddenly becomes, & more so at how well he takes direction. This kid is amazing !”

Check out the TVC HERE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10bGioHcoaA)

Big ups to Yogi Sip !


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