Nero TV, a lifestyle.

With every turn of the tide comes an opportunity to innovate your offering. Recently we launched our Nero Club which offers a lifestyle journey like no other in wine, we thank you for the immense support. Now I bring you a concept that is very dear to my heart and have been working on for quite some time, Nero TV. A YouTube channel where we welcome you to the world of wine through the Nero lens.

Nero TV invites the wine curios, wine connoisseurs and lovers of wine to join in on conversations that not only educate consumers about what makes a great wine but also introduce viewers to some of the best wines available in South Africa. The show is set to delight consumers by sharing Mokoena’s journey as a winemaker through his dark grape brand Nero.

“The world of wine can come across as very daunting for most people, and working with the Bosman Family Vineyards to produce the Nero grape has taught me so much about the industry as well as the process of winemaking and this inspired the idea to create a platform that educates and shares some of the knowledge I have gained along the way,” said Thapelo Mokoena. “One can look forward to digital wine tastings, food pairings, wine reviews, wine eventing, wine myth-busting, distribution and so much more! Nero TV will also introduce you to the benefits of being a member of the Nero Club, which offers endless specials to its loyal consumers and membership base, all the way to getting wine delivered right to your doorstep.”

Trust me, you want to be a part of this unique journey, wine will never be the same again.

by Simo Mngomeni

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