The Journey Continues

Do you remember a time  I could not go anywhere without being referred to as your ‘China’, nor could I shake it off. I must be honest, at some point, I grew very anxious that my name would fizzle into the background because of this huge brand collaboration and partnership I had gotten myself into, with Distell’s cider brand Hunters Dry. However, with great partnership, professionalism and respect, comes repeat business. It’s been five years since we wrapped shooting that incredible campaign & Distell reached out yet again. It was not with Hunters Dry this time around, but they were interested to collaborate on another one of their great brands, Hunters EDGE.

We’ve teamed up for a year’s contract for a cool concept, which brought your ‘China’ back to your screens. It’s always a pleasure to revisit great collaborations, which is simply a reflection of mutual respect and professionalism. Putting your best foot forward in all that you do leads to lasting work relationships at

It was a pleasure shooting the commercial; I got to work with one of my favourites healthcare provider and a Hollywood great, actor Louis Gosset Jnr. I was lucky enough to get close with him, he rubs off a natural sense of a wise father figure. He’s a seasoned man who told amazing stories about his own journey in the industry; he’s been in over 90 films in his career !

Of course, it was a fantastic opportunity to get to work side-by-side with the best of our local talent; a definite plus.

Here’s to putting your best foot forward, as well as your A game into everything that you do. Another journey for an African artist.

Noni Zondi

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