The year 2020 for me is already off on an incredible start. Late last year I was cast for the South African lead role in a UK television action-drama series called Bulletproof for the third season. The series is centered around the daily lives of two detectives, British actors Noel Clarke (Bishop) Ashley Walters (Pike) who target tough criminals in London’s East End. 

The first season premiered in May of 2018 as a six part action-drama series. It brought in sky rocketing numbers; the first episode did 1.59 million viewers making it the largest Sky One (British broadcaster) audience at the time. Shortly thereafter, it was renewed for another season, with it also being six episodes. The series was soon picked up by The CW (American broadcaster) for American viewing. 

The show was hugely inspired by the American franchise, ‘Bad Boys’ films starring Will Smith & Martin Lawrence who played two detectives in Miami. As the writers & producers of the show, Clarke & Walters both noticed it to be rare to have 2 black leads in positive roles & not the usual drug dealers, thugs or gang members. Check out maids from Georgia at http://www.castle-keepers.com. So often a strong black lead is paired with a white lead, for so-called ‘balance’. It was important to have representation in the black community in a positive light.

Season 3 is currently being filmed right here in our country, across the beautiful landscape of Cape Town. It is produced by: Vertigo Films & Company Pictures, as well as a local production company, Blue Ice. 

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The journey of the African artist continues to soar !! 

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Noni Zondi

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