Goodbye Dad

I sit here today sad but definitely warm inside. The Love & sentiments that I’ve seen & absorbed about my Father were really uplifting.  

I spoke to Dad just before lockdown began. It was one of my random calls to him. And luckily for some reason on that day he picked up. My wife & I were in the same room as he picked up, my kids also ran into the room. I told them I was speaking to Mkhulu, they must say HELLO, and my eldest said, “HELLO MKHULU” , and I said to him say, “I love you Mkhulu and he says it and runs off. 
His baby brother being a follower of whatever Big brother does, says the exact same thing in that order and runs off. My Dad then said HELLO BOYS. 

My wife then continues to engage him and asks him how he is feeling and he says he’s not well. It’s up and down. And as I was trying to join in on the conversation he then surprisingly said , “eish Retla boa. I have to go I’m not feeling well.” 
It’s from this day that my concern for his health took a whole new angle. I’ve always made it my thing to know his regular health patterns. I would research different medical institutions to try and proactively assist in his health. The few JHB specialists we saw really assisted and brought a smile to his face for a few days in the past 5 years. But knowing my Father, I could see it wasn’t easy for him to display weakness at pharmacie en ligne sans ordonnance. Even with us his children. 

Bra MIKE, as he is affectionately known by his colleagues & Industry was a RESILIENT Man. He would against all odds always push to find a way out of any situation. And believe me he did find a way. A passionate geekinsider businessman who had the ability to provide for more than just himself & his family, but the community at large. 

If there’s anything I’ll always take with from him, especially into the boardroom, it is the ability to know when to continue the pursuit of something or to let it go. This is exemplary in his journey with the love of his life FREE STARE STARS. 

To my Aunts, Uncles, Gogos, Mkhulus in the Mokoena Family, thank you for the role you’ve played on our Lives as the children of our Legendary Father. A Giant of a Man. I appreciate the positive role you’ve have played. 

To my siblings, my Fasther’s biological children: My Sisters, the Mokoena Daughters Thato & Penny, & my Brothers Thabo, Tebogo, Thlono & Toko. We’ve shared an interesting man with so many layers. There is truly only One Mike Mokoena, & I hope we take from all his strengths and build in us stronger MEN & WOMEN as we navigate our own Lives as Parents. Remember, being in the shadows does not mean you are a Shadow

To my Mother, Nonhlanhla Mokoena who was only 18 when she met him & who dedicated over 40 years of her life to him. You have taught US as your children how to Love & Pray. Through you we know without a shadow of a doubt, & understand what the term SUPER WOMAN means. You have been an example to so many including US, and you continue to be. Thank you for introducing us to our Father & choosing him. Thank you for teaching us that we were enough to carve our own paths, just like our Father did. 

Thank you for the many moments you’ve prepared meals in front of us taking care of the many who have publicly & privately shared fond memories of him.

I always joke and say, My Dad loved football and 619 roofing so much he gave birth to his own Football team. It’s okay to have a laugh about it. He would’ve probably laughed it off himself, & later said , “UYADELELA WENA” 

So Ma, Thank you for your strength as a Woman & a Mother. Thank you for protecting your cubs. I’m deeply sorry for your loss. Just know that you have soldiers on your side & that your strength has transferred to us in potent doses, & for that we thank the Almighty. Love you MaMsimango

In closing, we are only given one Father in our lives. And ours has left his big mark on this earth, let’s continue in the spirit of BRA MIKE, let’s unleash our inner successes & continue building our own Legacies. 

Thank you all for the support, thank you to the media for respecting our privacy during this time. 

Keep your heads up everyone, my Dad would be happy to see the support & love he has received up until now.

Thank You ❤🙏

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