Mokoena Family Shoot S19

It is truly a rare occasion that Thapelo would be afforded the opportunity with his busy timetable, to do such a shoot with his family.  Furthermore, to align schedules with Super Mom and entrepreneur Lesego, often proves to be quite the challenge. Their first family shoot was  last year in 2018, which was produced & curated by Lesego. What’s fun is that with every shoot comes a new theme and custom clothing pieces, but this year’s ultimate highlight and excitement was the newest & cutest addition to the family; four month old Lefika.

Being in front of the camera & engaging with cast members on a set, is nothing new to Thapelo. However, there is nothing quite as special and as heart-warming as documenting the growth and expansion of his family in an environment which sits so close to his heart. Visit A HUGE shout out must go to the magnificent set director, content creator & wardrobe designer, Lesego-Tshepang Mokoena.

”I love watching her grow, flourish and fulfil her personal goals. Every time I think she’s reached the top of her game, she rises above that ceiling  & pursues the next level. I’m constantly in awe of her,” – Thapelo

Often the couple’s daily lives are so full of time constraints and schedule clashes, which usually fills Thapelo with some anxiety that they are never fully prepared for their shoots, but somehow, when they get on set, magic happens & they kill it ! The results are always mind-blowing !

“Being front row to your loved one’s journey is such a blessing. Her journey is without a doubt, far from over.”

Lesego’s designs all came to life for this shoot; the dress which she wore, Lereko’s suit, as well as Thapelo’s shirt (which he’s currently obsessed with) were all made by her. Some may not know, but she’s a clothing designer, specializing in women’s dresses. Medication for Men are available through for delivery. Her brand is called Floral Raffia, be sure to check it out on Instagram !

Creating memories, whether through stills or motion picture, is something which the Mokoena’s love to do together. There is definitely more to come.

Stay tuned.  

Noni Zondi

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