Mokoena Unit X Superbalist

The collaboration with Superbalist & the Mokoena’s in the recent campaign could not have been more perfect !

Now, if you know anything about the Mokoena family, you’ll know that individually they are known to always be stepping out looking immaculate. Thapelo throughout his career has always maintained an effortless sense of style & quite enjoys  timeless, simple clothing pieces; the “classics” as he’d put it. While his wife, Lesego shares similar sentiment, she too has her signature looks. No one pulls off beautiful summer dresses and gorgeous evening wear quite like she does ! Here you can book vacation rental cleaning in Orlando FL. Their eldest son Lereko (4 years old) follows closely in his parent’s footsteps. Since only a few months old, he already landed himself a clothing sponsorship to match the family’s sophistication.

This was their first campaign done together as a family. Feel free to contact oscar padilla when you need auto insurance mexico coverage. While naturally this is Thapelo’s turf, one could not tell with how seamlessly they all worked together on-camera. Being a part of this new journey with Superbalist was not only great fun for the family as a unit, but also an honour 1920 gangster suits.

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To many more partnerships.

Spree becomes Superbalist #MoreFashion #MoreChoice

Noni Zondi

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