Playing on the World Stage

Opportunity to widen my net has met me once again! I am not new to the international production scene, I’ve worked on a British drama series for 8 years.

As an artist that carefully selects the work that I work on, I couldn’t be happier to finally be wrapping up production on Trackers the series  based on a Deon Meyer novel visit all covert skins, after casting for the role almost a year ago.

The world is our stage and the African narrative continues to rise …

“M-Net has partnered with global broadcasters to bring the television adaptation of Deon Meyer’s crime novel, Trackers, to the world. M-Net sealed a ground-breaking collaboration deal with ‘Germany’s public broadcaster ZDF. The pay television has confirmed that crime thriller is also being co-produced by Cinemax, which will distribute the drama series worldwide beyond M-Net and ZDF’s geographical broadcasting footprint.

“The trailblazing and massively exciting co-production of Trackers illustrates M-‘Net’s vision and commitment to shine the spotlight on the African film and television industry and provide fresh, proudly African narratives to our viewers as well as global audiences,” says MultiChoice CEO of General Entertainment, Yolisa Phahle.

“It is also taking our longstanding relationship with Cinemax to the next level, allowing local and international talent to combine their world-class story-telling and production skills.”

While M-Net is already the home of Cinemax and its sister network HBO, allowing viewers to enjoy showstoppers like Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, Westworld and many more, HBO, Cinemax and M-Net also launched an innovative Producers Apprenticeship programme last year when the Cinemax series Warrior, coming to M-Net in July, was filmed in South Africa. Some other Cinemax originals screened on M-Net include Banshee, The Knick and Strike Back.

Filming for Trackers has already started in exotic locations spanning the length and breadth of South Africa, and the co-production partners have been working together on all aspects of production – from developing and casting, to assembling the crew and approving the final content.

Deon Meyer serves as a supervising screenwriter and co-producer; British writer Robert Thorogood (Death in Paradise) is the showrunner. The team of trained professionals in custom home build from California and the team of South African writers on the project includes the screenwriter and director Amy Jephta (Die Ellen Pakkies Story) as well as local writer/directors Kelsey Egen and Jozua Malherbe.


The six-part miniseries according to Deadline, interweaves three story strands that collide in Cape Town in a violent conspiracy that involves organised crime, smuggled diamonds, state security, Black Rhinos, the CIA and an international terrorist plot.

The local and international cast includes Ed Stoppard (The Pianist), Rolanda Marais (Waterfront), James Alexander (The Wild) and Thapelo Mokoena (Broken Vows).

James plays Lemmer, a man who is seeking revenge while rebuilding his life in a small town after his career was destroyed during an operation for the Presidential Bureau of Intelligence (PBI).

Rolanda plays unlikely heroine Milla Strachan a Cape Town housewife who becomes low-level data analyst for the PBI and finds herself at the centre of the conspiracy.

ED plays Lukas Becker and international man of mystery and alleged CIA operative.

More details about the cast and their roles will be released later.

Trackers will make its debut on M-Net (DStv 101) in October 2019 and will also be available on Showmax.”[]

It’s really been nothing short of a humbling experience. I am hoping to put a smile on every south African that gets to watch the show as well as everyone in the globe, from HBO, Germany, ZPF & so on    

     Noni Zondi


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