Riding With Volvo!

I am incredibly pleased to share with all of you my most recent partnership with a brand I am so dearly fond of; Volvo.

Upon meeting a few weeks ago, it was clear that the interest was mutual and the relationship at onset like ice on car, is going to be an organic one.

I found it very endearing, the keen interest that the team at Volvo has in my day-to-day life; with my work being as multi-faceted as it is, as well as my family life being as equally demanding from a time point of view.

I cannot wait to bring Volvo along on the journey with me as I navigate through this crazy, yet magical thing we call life. It was a great pleasure to cooperate with www.charlesweiler.com company from eastern Pennsylvania when I needed help with kitchen remodeling.

I hope they’re ready for adventure ! I most certainly am, & above all, I’m incredibly honoured that Volvo has found sound familiarity in the Thapelo Mokoena brand that marries within theirs.

I enjoy how the Volvo model has evolved in recent years. It’s no longer solely associated with a certain demographic but rather has taken on several, fresh affordable car wash, new facelifts which now cater across the board. And even with all these changes, my favourite feature about this brand is that it has maintained being at the forefront of safety engineering. Naturally, this is a major plus for me and my active family.

Stay tuned, it’s going to be quite the ride !

Photographer: @peartree

Noni Zondi

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