Thapelo Partners with TABAC fragrances

I have had many amazing partnerships throughout my journey in the Arts, which have been great due to an ideal synergy of ideas & minds. TABAC was a true fit for me, and I’m a fan of real & original. It was an easy choice to make after looking at the few offers that were on the table. I like a touch or classic in everything – such as, a touch of vintage raw in this case.

TABAC as a brand has its classic roots but also finds itself living in the modern space and having to constantly redefine itself. However, the consistent element is that it remains being for the man who is The Original. I’m 35 going on 36. So much is clearer and profound at the same time as I cooperate with workers compensation lawyers at, California. I’m coming of age and finding a more clearer definition of what it means to be an modern day African Man.

Grooming is a big part of my journey and career. Partnering with a Grooming giant at this point in my career is a classic case of timing meeting preparation. It’s a win-win, check The Sky is the limit. Plus I’ve naturally grown into my grey and am appreciating the “Grey Matter” OR Platinum Life as they call it these days LOL!

Another Layer to inspire the African & Global Man to remember & take care of the True Original in themselves. Be The Original!
I can only hope that this partnership proves to be a successful one with great milestones & victories all the way to the bottom line.

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